What Are Some Of The Accessories For The Zhu Pets

zhu zhu pets accessories

There are two kinds of them: the Carex and the Sebex. Each has a wide range of accessories including toys, food dishes, houses, cars and even music systems. The Carex zhus and the Sebex zhus are the two main types that you can choose from.

Difference In Features

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These two pets are very alike from the way they look, but the difference is in the features. The carex is considered as more durable than the zhus. In addition, the carex hamsters have batteries in their vases, while the the pet’s accessories have rechargeable batteries.

Both of these hamsters have lots of different things to offer their owners. The carex zhu pets accessories have their own houses. They are houses made of plastic and they are very attractive. The mr squiggle’s houses for the pets also look like a house that little critters living inside. They are designed in a very cute and cuddly manner.

There are actually a lot of Zhu pets hamsters to choose from. It is really up to your preference which one you are going to buy. You can buy pet hamsters with pink fur or ones that have a lot of different colors to choose from. You can also pick them up that have different designs on their vases. The cute little pets that go gaga over the cars have their very own cars that you can buy. It will allow you to play with the hamsters and let them drive around in style.

Themed Toys After Zhu Pets Hamsters

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The Zhu pets hamsters have also got toys that are themed after them. There is the Zhu Traffic Saver which has a tunnel playset that lets the hamsters explore what it means to be a hamster. You can also get the hamster ball that has a tunnel and allows them to roll along. The Zhu Pets Mr Squiggles Tunnel Playset comes with the car that you can see in the picture above. It has an opening at the bottom of the tunnel playset and the hamsters can squeeze their way through.

Other accessories that you can buy for your hamsters include the Zhu Pets Animal Habitat and the Zhu Pet Ball. The Zhu pet ball has a design that replicates a real basketball court. The animal Habitat has a funhouse on it with stairs, a basketball hoop, and a slide. Both of these accessories come in red and black and have a ball re-shaped inside of them.

The Zhu pets adventure ball is similar to the ones that are made for little league. All the equipment has a very realistic looking design to it and they really look like they are going to bounce off the walls. You can buy the pet tunnel that comes with the adventure ball and there are a total of ten different animals that you can buy with the pet ball alone. This makes this a great toy for kids of all ages.

Last Words

The Zhu hamster wheel has a magnetic side to it that keeps the hamsters inside when they are inside the hamster wheel. When the hamsters get out of the wheel, they spin on the spot. This is a great toy that children will love and it keeps your pets entertained when you are not around to play with them. There is also a hamster that has a ball and chain combo. All the other accessories for the Zhu pets come in different colors and styles and it is up to you to decide which ones you want to buy.

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