Virtual Pets: Be In-Touch With The Pet-Lover In You Anywhere You Go

Ever heard of virtual pets? We’re assuming you have. After all, you and I are living in a digital age where technology is continuously making the impossible possible. But have you ever heard that virtual pets can be a part of your reality? Not merely one that’s limited to those who work in the field of technology. Not only to movies and animations.

You can have them in the very palm of your hand!

Virtual Pets: They  Live On!

Tamagotchi. There was a time, about a decade ago or so, when these were all the rage. Tiny, toys that could fit in the palm of your hand, your fingers closed upon it. That’s how minute they were/ And these swept nations across the globe by storm! Or you’ve had this before, too? Just as we have?

Virtual Pets: Be In-Touch With The Pet-Lover In You Anywhere You Go

These virtual pets are, and back then were, pets that can come to life in virtual form. Though in a 2D appearance, they embody the very nature of a pet. You can feed them, clean up after them, bring them to the vet to be healed if sick, play games with them, and watch them fall asleep. It’s a pet you can have with you wherever you go, and they live in that small, egg-shaped digital toy! For others, the outer casing varies of course.

If you’re someone who HAS pets at home and is wanting to have that same kind of pet-love when you’re outside,  or if you’re one who doesn’t because of certain restrictions (allergies, strict landlord, etc.) but would like to care for one, then this is the coolest and cutest option for you!

Human beings generally have a nurturing side in us. According to psychologists, this is the reason why most people are naturally drawn to acts of kindness to other humans alike, or even to animals. So don’t limit this nurturing side of yours and get yourself a pet now! A virtual one, even!

Care For Animals Virtually

That’s right. LCPShop offers you a way to extend your care and kindness as you use the toys that house virtual pets! This product’s dimensions are 5.6 x 4.8 x 1.5cm / 2.20 x 1.88 x 0.59in (L x W x H). Not only are they comfortable to hold in the palm of your hand, but you can also easily store them in your pocket, pencil case, purse, or wallet!

They’re, very lightweight, too!

Virtual Pets: Be In-Touch With The Pet-Lover In You Anywhere You Go

Additionally, it offers 49 different (and mostly, unique) types of pets you can choose from! That’s a selection you won’t be able to find elsewhere! Whether it’s a dog, a cat or a bunny, and way down into the realm of the fantastic such as a T-rex and whatnot, you’ll be amazed at how many animals you can make a selection from!

Furthermore, since this IS a virtual pet toy, there’s no “real” cleaning up needed. Any mess that your pet will do, you can immediately take care of in a push of a button. Literally! Plus, it only takes a couple of seconds to make sure your buddy’s squeaky clean again!

Go ahead and choose from a plethora of colors of LCPShop’s virtual pets!

Get caring and playing now!

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