The 11 Facts About Pet Obesity

11 Facts About Pet Obesity

Pet obesity has become a problem these days. And research study shows that the increasing weights in pets result in different forms of cancer. So my advice will be to reduce the fat of your pet to minimize the danger. Now here are some fantastic facts about pet obesity that I bet you don’t know.

1. Research conducted by the Association for Pet Obesity prevention shows that 59% of cats and 55.8% of dogs in the US are overweighted. And you would be surprised to know that that amount equals to 56 million and 50 million dogs. 

2. An experiment was conducted, and among them, 61% of participants increased the exercise of their pets. 29% tried low-calorie food for their pets, and 19% got their diet prescription from their veterinaries. Among them, 38%of those who chose rated calorie food rated as “very effective.” 36% of those who increased workout also reported “very effective.” The rest 63% reported as “somewhat effective,” while only 9% reported low-fat diets “very effective.”

11 Facts About Pet Obesity
11 Facts About Pet Obesity

3. Another research shows that obesity is one of the biggest problems in pet birds. Because most of them already have food available, therefore they don’t have to work at all. 

4. A bird may suffer from atherosclerosis and hepatic lipidosis if it is obese. Hence, birds with obesity are more immune to heart attacks. Birds having obesity usually have less oxygen supply to the brain, therefore, resulting in high blood pressure and stroke. 

5. Obesity nearly reduces the life span of a dog by two years. Studies conducted at the University of Liverpool and Mars pet care center showed that most pet owners are unaware of their pet’s obesity.

Some More Interesting Facts!

6. If a cat is more than 10 – 20% over their body weight, they are considered overweighed. Another thing common between dogs and cats is that obesity reduces their lifespan. 

7. Obesity increases the danger of cancer, diabetes, hypertension, and many more diseases like these. Therefore if you are an owner, the simplest way to know that if your cat overweighed or not is to check their rib coverage, it is easy, and you can do it at home. 

8. Most of you might not know this that there are many scientifically formulate foods in the market that will help your pet to maintain their average weight. Therefore, merely reducing the amount of their food is not enough.

9. BCS Body Condition Score this test is conducted by the veterans, and it determines whether your pet is overweighed or not. 

10. Studies show that some species of dogs are more prone to obesity than others like Golden Retriever, Bulldogs, and Basset Hounds, etc.

11. Lastly, an owner should know is that the age of the pet also determines obesity. So be careful there.

Here are what you should try for your pet.

Ball Toy Dog Chewing Dog Tooth Ball

11 Facts About Pet Obesity
11 Facts About Pet Obesity

You may gift this ball toy to your beloved and adored pet. They’ll definitely be happy!


  • Won’t harm your pet, even if he/she chews it.
  • Lightweight and portable.
  • Safe and non-toxic.
  • Does not need any battery
  • Made up of high-quality rubber.
  • Price under 25$.


  • A good playing toy for your dog
  • Ideal for playing various catch games with your dog.
  • Roll this to produce sounds.
  • A perfect toy to keep your pet busy and engrossed.
  • Ideal for grinding teeth and more.

Automatic Bird Feeder

11 Facts About Pet Obesity
11 Facts About Pet Obesity

As bird feeding helps you to observe the beautiful wonders of nature, as the little birds get attracted towards these bird feeders for obtaining food. It is the best bird feeder and is highly recommended.


  • It is automatic.
  • Has bird feeder- parrot feeder
  • Consists of bird water feeder
  • Made up of lightweight material, that is plastic.
  • Cheap under 7$.


  • It can automatically feed the birds even when you are not around.
  • It allows you to invest your time in other things.
  • This device helps to supply bird food to the birds.
  • You can also use this device to do birdwatching.

Facts About Pet Obesity: The Conclusion

Keep your pet at an ideal weight, and maintain a healthy balance of food intake as well as physical activities of your pet. Reduce the obesity of your pet and reduce the risk of his/her life.

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