Sims 3 Pets Accessories – Things That You Should Know

sims 3 pets accessories

The sims are one of those simulation games which make you enjoy some quality time all to yourself. This simulation game started with planning a city. But with the third part introduced in the gaming world, we saw a number of robust changes. For instance, the game innovated to an open-world concept with no limitations to a single lot loaded at one time. Further, a sim gets access to explore around the city which will not trip off a loading screen. 

Also, players can find that there is an expanded build mode and create a Sim option. This game also offers instruments like Create A styling tool. This program helps the gamers to change and modify the objects around them. Well, there are lots that you can do in this game. However, we are here to talk about sims 3 pets and sims 3 pets accessories. So let us get started with-

The Sims 3 Pets And Facts On The Same-

A small brown dog

The game comes with a whole lot of options for pets that you choose from. Players get the freedom to make themselves different species of dogs and cats. And the best part of the game is that this time there are horses for you. Not only this is exciting but also very fascinating, right?

To be precise, there is around 72 large dog breed along with 46 small dog breed. In addition, players can explore around 46 cat breeds in the Sims 3. Now talking about horses, well, there are 30 different horse breeds for you to play with. Besides, choosing the dominant pattern, players get the access to choose the sims 3 pets accessories. And in both scenarios players can modify the colors. 

For instance, the mane and tail color of the horse breed can be different. Further, the players can also design several patterns and colorful markings on the fur of the animals. They can change the same whenever they want. In addition, this feature comes in layers, therefore can be placed by orders. 

More In This Regard, Detailing Down The Features Of Pet

In Sims 3 you get to enjoy the aging process in your pets. From kitten, it will grow to a full-grown adult and elder. In fact, players can adopt pets from the shelter or from other homes that are selling them. Moreover, players get the option to take in stray animals as pets too. Also, pets have their individual lifetime rewards and wishes. They can also fall in love,  and grow their family. However, sims can manage their pet’s activities such as digging, chasing, and tackling. Additionally, the players can teach their pets new skills too. 

The Sims 3 Pets Accessories And More-

A close up of a persons face

Let us now check the accessories that you can enjoy –

  • Leo’s Collar
  • Zoey’s Collar
  • Bear’s collar
  • Chancer’s Bridle
  • Chancer’s Racing Blanket
  • Chancer’s racing saddle
  • Chancers riding rein
  • Chancers’s saddle
  • Chancers racer rein
  • Pink collar with sparkly pink heart
  • Karmas collar
  • Every day bridle(black leather and red metal)
  • Everyday Bridle(White leather and deep blue metal)
  • EVeryday saddle(deep blue)
  • Every day saddle(red, white, and black leather )
  • Everyday saddle blanket(black with red wools)
  • Lulu’s collar


Well, this is the brief on sims 3 pets and sims 3 pets accessories. If you are not into this game, I am sure reading through this blog might make you curious. And once you start playing the simulation playing each game stages, and level upgradation you will get addicted in just a matter of time. This brief introduction details the essential points on the pet segment. With time and effort, you will discover more about this platform. Hope this helps you while playing.

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