Pet Health Magazine: Top 5 Pet Health Magazines You Need To Check Out Before The Year Runs Out -

Pet Health Magazine: Top 5 Pet Health Magazines You Need To Check Out Before The Year Runs Out

Pet Health Magazine

Our pets’ welfare should be one of our top priorities; nobody likes to see his or her pet get sick or break a toe for some things they would have prevented simply by getting the right information. Pet Health Magazine has remained the most reliable source of information for every pet owner for decades now. They have not relented in terms of the quality of information they provide these pet owners with.

There are thousands of pet health magazines in the world today, contributing their quota towards the welfare of worldwide. We will be making a comprehensive list of the best pet health magazines every pet owner should try to access, at least, to get acquitted with the latest trend. Below, they are listed thus:

Top 5 Pet Health Magazines

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1. Animal Wellness Magazine

The magazine is nicknamed “Ontario finest,” but with a wide influence on the Northern American continent. The company is based in Peterborough, Ontario, Canada, and is trusted by millions of pet owners in and around Canada for well-researched updates about pet life. Though they report about other pets now and then, they pay more attention to dogs and cats.

Their popularity in the region is evident in their social media handles; their Facebook, for instance, has a whopping 467,000 followers, followed by Instagram and Tweeter, which have a fan base of over 7000 and 4000 respectively. Pet owners can go ahead and check it out at for up-to-date information about the health of their pets.

2. Pets Magazine

This is called “the lifestyle magazine for pet owners,” it is a UK based digital magazine that displays both new and luxury products. It also shows pampering products for pets and humans, restaurants, pets, friendly hotels, human and pet well-being, pet news, and activities, and fashion advice.

This magazine focuses more on cats, horses, dogs, and other small pets. Their posts come once every week, and it has been so since 2013. They have a Facebook fan base of over 4000 followers, while their twitter and Instagram followers numbers over 3000 and 400, respectively.

3. Petfood Industry Magazine

This is a Chicago based pet magazine that focuses mainly on dog and cat foods; most of its publications are channeled towards exhibiting products produced by pet companies. This is where pet owners get information about their pet’s nutrition, and it also contains global market research of these products. You are sure to get up to 17 posts each week on this platform, and the Facebook and Twitter fan pages have over 18,000 and 10,000, respectively.

4. Best Friends Magazine

This Utah based magazine company is not only focused on publishing animal-related articles, but they also run the Best Friends Animal Society: a leading national animal welfare organization committed to ending the killing of animals like cats and dogs in the United States. The blog,, publishes seven posts per week, and they have a Facebook and Twitter fan base of over a million and 200,000, respectively.

5. Pet Age Magazine

This is a B2B magazine that analyses the pet industry; they run both online and print media platforms and have a strong social media dominance. They are focused on providing current news updates about the pet industry, the products, events, groomers, manufacturers, and trends in the pet niche. Their online platform publishes two articles a week and has over 5000 Facebook fan pages and over 6000 Twitter followers. You can check them out on

For decades, the average pet health magazine has continued to play its role as the industry’s best source of information for pet owners. Though there are more pet health magazine companies, pet owners can easily source for the best information about their pet’s welfare. Still, the ones listed above are considered to be the most popular, thus contains quality content.

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