Pet Graveyard: An Honorable Goodbye To Pets -

Pet Graveyard: An Honorable Goodbye To Pets

Pet Graveyard: An Honorable Goodbye To Pets

Pet graveyard is not a new concept, and people have started to bury their beloved pets since ancient times. We all know the importance of pets in our lives. As they give us moments of joy, therefore, they deserve a better place after the end of their lives.

Pets become like a family member, and their dismissal hurts like anything. Our pets deserve respect and love like a family member. They also deserve a respectful goodbye, and for that, they need a pet graveyard.

Pet Graveyard, A Resting Place For Your Pets

To give honor to the deceased cats, dogs, and other pets, approximately a hundred cemeteries are available all over the world. A pet graveyard is a resting place for your beloved pet, and they have all the right to get it.

Pet Graveyard: An Honorable Goodbye To Pets
Pet Graveyard: An Honorable Goodbye To Pets

Asnières-Sur-Seine, France: Pet Graveyard For Dogs And Pets

Asnières-Sur-Seine, France, is one of the oldest pet graveyards. Here people can bid a final goodbye to their pets. This pet graveyard is located at the Art Nouveau cemetery in Paris suburbs. Here, you can find the grave of Barry, a Saint Bernard who fought in World War I.

Los Angeles Pet Memorial Park

Famous Hollywood veterinarian Dr. Eugene Jones found this park in 1928. His main aim was to help the clients to give honour to their pets by burying them here and have a tombstone on their names. Here many celebrities have buried their pets. The graves of eminent personalities’ pets like Charlie Chaplin’s cat, Steven Spielberg’s Jack Russell Terrier, are here in this park itself.

Hartsdale Pet Cemetery

Situated in Hartsdale, New York, is the first pet graveyard in the U.S. Its area is around five acres, and approximately 100,000 animals are resting here in their graves. The Peaceable Kingdom is another name of this pet cemetery. Humans can also be buried here with their pets. Here, pet owners can also arrange viewings, funerals, and cremation of dead animals.  

Path To Eternity

Located 250 miles south of El Paso, Texas, this place allows the owner of the pets to offer funeral ceremonies. The owners have the option to bury their pets in an individual or common grave. This pet graveyard also has a fable bridge, the rainbow bridge which connects the earth to heaven. It seems like the pet is on his journey to heaven.

Pet Graveyard: An Honorable Goodbye To Pets
Pet Graveyard: An Honorable Goodbye To Pets

National War Dog Cemetery

To give honor to the war dogs in U.S. Naval Base, the National War Dog Cemetery is made. Twenty-five military dogs that have helped the U.S. army in the 1944 Second Battle of Guam are buried here. As this place is to bury the war dogs, hence you cannot bury your pets here. It is one of the unique dog cemeteries in the world. Though only war dogs are buried here, dog lovers like to visit here to salute these war heroes.

The Bottom Line

We hope the list of pet graveyard where you can bury your pet and feathered friends has helped you. At last, we would like to add your pet has had a good time with you. Therefore, it deserves a respectful farewell. You can offer it to your pet by burying it in a pet graveyard.

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