NOVA Pets Health Center Concept You Should Know As A Pet Lover -

NOVA Pets Health Center Concept You Should Know As A Pet Lover

nova pets health center

NOVA Pets Health Center is a veterinary clinic in Chantilly, Virginia, founded in 2010 by Dr. Sayyed Masood who is also the Chief of Staff. NOVA offers a wide range of veterinary care, Pet Boarding, Pet Grooming, and Dogs Day Care it also includes radiology, sonography, dentist, surgery, internal medicine as well as general practices. NOVA Pets health center is much more than a veterinary clinic. Its main aim is to ensure that all pets get extra attention and proper care. They also educate the clients and even consult every individual care of pets with the specialist.

NOVA Pets Health Center Concept

NOVA Pets Health Center ensures that the client pays regular health visits to the vet so that the pets do not suffer from diseases. It aims to improve their ways of treatment and services. NOVA believes that educating clients about their pets and the way of caring is the most essential thing. They educate clients on the importance of routine checkups, a holistic approach, and all the information they should know about their pets. NOVA Pets Health Center aims to eliminate all the fatal diseases a pet can suffer.

Boarding Treatment

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NOVA pets health center ensures that your pets are safe, active, and comfortable while traveling.NOVA schedules a meet and greet appointment for pet boarding guest so that the guest can see the facilities, meet the doctor, fill the required form and pay for services

NOVA pets health care strives to set an example in care, comfort, and cleanliness for the pets. All borders are supervised by a licensed vet. NOVA provides spacious atrium-style Plexiglas suits for Pets.

Wellness Services

NOVA focuses on preventing veterinary care to promote and improve overall pet health with routine checkups, which help them to diagnose, protect and give proper treatment to your pet from serious and fatal diseases they ensure that pets receive proper care through:

Parasite Control


Nutritional Counseling

Dental Treatment

Extreme vomiting




Emergency services for Bleeding, Seizure, Consumption of Toxic Substance, Car Accident, Struggling in breathing.

Chronic Sickness like Chronic Pain, Chronic Allergies, Heart Diseases, Kidney Diseases, Diabetes, upper respiratory illness, etc.

Surgical Services like Ear surgery, wound repair, Crucial Ligament, Patellar Laxation, Arthritis, Periodontal Disease.

Wellness Plan

NOVA encourages put owner to take a proactive approach for the prevention of diseases and to promote a long, happy and healthy life. Under the NOVA wellness plan, clients have to pay an enrollment fee. A Monthly installment option is also provided for the owners of canine and feline. This plan is available for puppies and kittens.

A wellness exam is conducted every six months. During the examination, a required vaccine is included with a blood test and Dental Treatment if the client has opted for the end package. During this wellness exam, the clients are not charged as they already have paid for the services.


Pets are like our companions, they support us emotionally, reduce our stress level and help us to cope with our loneliness. In return, they just want our love and proper care. The NOVA Pets Health Center aims to improve the quality of life of their patient and to give them a healthy, happy, and peaceful life by giving compassionate, effective, pet boarding, and veterinary care and services. They also give boarding services and wellness services to the patient. The wellness plan of NOVA Pets Health Center assures that the pets of clients get their vaccination and other medical treatments on time. The six-month policy gives clients the insurance that the pets will get a full routine treatment every month.

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