How Pets Improve Your Health -

How Pets Improve Your Health

how pets improve your health

People who own pets report better overall health, have lower blood pressure, have fewer incidences of depression, arthritis, diabetes, skin problems and asthma. Pets can help you reduce stress. They bring joy into your life by providing company, affection and a safe place to live. The positive benefits of owning a pet can make all the difference in your quality of life.

Helps In Improving Mental Health

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Pets Can Improve Your Mental Health Pet ownership has been shown to have positive health benefits. Pets come home to your family and offer unconditional love and support. “When you come home to a long-haired lovable pup who purrs or wags his tail after a hard day at the dog park, the unexpected wave of happiness you feel is not only your imagination,” says veterinarian Pam Henderson, PhD. “Other research indicates that your furry friend is beneficial to your mental health and your cardiovascular health.”

Physical Health Our bodies respond to positive reinforcement and the things that our pets do for us. “There is something magical about pets,” says Paula Deutsch, PhD, president of Canine Fitness International in New York. “We know it when we get a massage or a pedicure. It seems to relax us and make us feel better.” Pets are important to our mental and physical health. This is a quick list of how pets improve your health title.

Benefits Of Keeping A Dog

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“Many people suffer from insomnia, depression and chronic pain. Many of these problems can be alleviated by having a dog or cat as a part of your household,” says Michael J. Petracci, PhD, president and executive director of the American Association of Housecall Veterinarians in Fairfax, Virginia. Dogs and cats offer excellent companionship and mental stimulation, too. Pet owners who have mental challenges and/or physical challenges may benefit from daily therapy dogs. Therapy dogs offer companionship, comfort and exercise for their owners. This is a quick list of how pets improve your health title.

Check Their Mental Health

Mental Health ” Pets bring joy to many households. Many people say they cannot live without a pet, but few realize how much those pets can help with stress relief and anxiety,” says Karen Pryor, PhD, owner of Veterinary Therapy Dogs in Fort Collins, Colorado. Pets provide an ideal companion to seniors and children with special needs. This is a quick list of how pets improve your health title.

Quality Time With You Pet owners who spend quality time with their pets experience greater mental well-being. According to Karen Pryor, PhD,” Pets are very important to elderly people. They offer unconditional love, play and companionship that elderly people lack. Pets can also provide social interaction and exercise for very young children. Studies show that the most common reason that elderly people seek the help of a pet is loneliness.”

Summing Up

The Importance of Daily Activity “In our fast-paced, jobs-and-family lives, it’s all too easy to take for granted our outdoor experiences. We forget to clean up after ourselves, to check on our pets, to exercise with them, to come home and cook with them. Our indoor spaces are filling with stress and chaos. But when you come home and have a romantic, quiet, indoor dog or cat pet, you feel invigorated, refreshed and renewed. Our indoor spaces offer escape from everyday stress and noise. A healthy, creative and loving relationship with our pets can enhance and maintain a feeling of well-being.”

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