Food Names For Cats and Dogs

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Food names for pets should rhyme and sound like a four-leaf clover when spoken. There are plenty of great, fun names for pets. And one of my favorites is: Peaches. And there is nothing sweeter or fruitier than a fresh, juicy peach. Let me tell you why!

 Have A Unique Name For Your Pet

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First off, for guinea pigs as in all rodents, it is important to have a unique name for your pet. Because guinea pigs are of course rodents, a better name than “Guinea Pig” would be “Ratcatcher.” And that is by far the cutest and best palindromic palindrome ever to exist or will ever be. Chocolate brownies, mini chocolates, even guinea pig pies… all would be better names for your new fur ball.

Secondly, because food names for pets are usually for cute little critters, it’s a good idea to find out a little about them. Are they blind? Are they afraid of the dark? Are they hard to take care of? All these things should be considered and then added to the story behind their names.

For example, my cat, Sage, has a special name that was given to her when I first bought her from a breeder. But wait, I had to know more about her and so I did some digging. My investigation led me to discover that Sage is actually a female cat. So of course her owner had given her a cute name with an interesting story behind it.

When I found out that she was a female cat, I decided to come up with a cute name for her as well. So I made up some silly names like Tangle, Spotted, Cannoli and Tangie. These names have now stuck and are used in my online cat’s name blog, which you can find at my website link below. As you probably can guess, they’re not very common names. However, my other pets are named Taffy, Fluffy, Puffy, Kissy and Willow. The only pet, whose name I can’t give is Scrazzy.

Now that you know all about my favorite food names for pets, you might be wondering why the cats in my online cat’s name blog like to share their stories with all of us. Why do they do this? It’s simple really. The more people who know about your pet’s name, the more they’ll tell you about them. They love seeing their names on newspapers, radios and television ads.

What’s interesting about my online blog and the food names for pets I share is that cats love food names but not necessarily all foods. For example, you would never think of Scooby as one of their favorite foods, right? Scooby is a very common pet name and many people think of them in the same way. So why do Scoobys love to be called “Scooby?” There’s a reason why.

Pets Relate Well To Their Human Companions

A dog sitting in front of a plate of food

I always tell people that one of the reasons Scooby does so well is because they relate so well to their human companions. Cats are so loving and cuddly and loving to their owners that it’s hard to think of a more endearing or humanizing name for them. Try using your favorite foods as names for your furry little pets and I’m sure you’ll agree. And if you can come up with even better food names for cats, I’ll be sure to let you know.

Summing Up 

Another one of my pet names for pets is Tiddles, which is actually a trademark of Tiddles cereal. My favorite food names for pets are those that bring back lots of happy memories and ones that make my pet smile. As you can see, finding pet names for cats and dogs are not always easy. That’s why I hope that this article helps, at least a little, with choosing the right name for your pet.

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