Chemical Free Cosmetic Brands To Check Out

It is never a secret that most of us want to have beautiful and clean skin that will look flawless on any day. But according to the makeup and beauty trends that you can see in 2021, there is an awareness about organic cosmetics. Most of the social media influencers on YouTube and Instagram talking about organic products that do not have harsh chemicals and encourage more and more people to invest in the same. Clean beauty does not always mean that it is natural and herbal, which can be a confusing identity for all the consumers. Therefore you should be able to read the labels and the ingredients of all the products you are going to purchase. But today, we are going to explain about the best makeup brands available in the market, and all of them are worth buying at least once. 


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If you want to have an organic makeup brand available at an affordable rate, then this is the brand you should be opting for. It was formed in the early nineties, and it comprises ingredients that are entirely free of preservatives. It is available with all skincare and makeup products, and all of them are induced with natural extracts and color pigments. Most people who have used it say that it will provide great nourishment to the skin. In addition to that, the added benefit will make sure that it is entirely biodegradable in packaging and also eco-friendly. 

Lotus Herbals

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We have used this product at least once in our lives, and it was established in 1993. It is a very well-known name in the Indian herbal industry, and it is entirely cruelty-free. It will help you learn about clean beauty and ingredients, and you should try something basic like sunscreen. It is an entirely weightless formula that will give intense hydration and nourishment to the skin, and you can use it daily. 

Disguise Cosmetics

If you want, you can focus on the hundred percent organic products, and it comes from a vast range of disguise cosmetics. It will help heal your skin for the better, and there are many moisturizing components as well. If you want, you can get a great range of matte and nude lip colors, which are wholly weightless and has long-lasting abilities. The Kajal of this brand is also waterproof and will stay for at least 12 to 16 hours. 


One of the best essence about this brand is the certification, and the review of this company comes from a reputable European institution. You will get all the ayurvedic ingredients, and mostly the Kajal is very famous from this brand. If you want an official authentication of approval regarding the ingredients in use, then this is the brand that you should opt for. 

Bottom Note

Now that you have knowledge about some of the cleanest makeup brands that you would want to try, why not check out the best of the lot. Go for small trial packs, and then you can buy the entire set of whichever brand suits you.

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